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Kevin & Kim Elias and family
Son Picked  
About Kevin and Kim
Have you heard of the Singing Hills?
...because of His great love for us...
Our strong, healthy son, Seth Jaxon Elias was born to us on Sept 28, 2017. It was love at first sight!
 ~Being a musician and being a parent have a lot in common. Both children and music require dedication, diligence, patience and love. In return, our blessing others comes back and blesses us more than we could ever imagine!~ 

Kevin and Kim were both involved in music from a young age. Kevin played in a number of bands through high school until he and some friends started the Dry River Boys, a bluegrass band that was known by bluegrass and gospel fans across the country for over a decade.

Kim and her family, the Singing Hills, were already traveling across Canada in music ministry by the time she was just a few years into elementary school. Being on stage full-time, from coast to coast in Canada and the United States gave her many wonderful opportunities, experiences and stories that most people never even dream of.

When Kevin and Kim met at a jamboree in 2003, they both realized this was no chance meeting. The connection was so special someone greater than themselves must have put this together. Half a year later, on February 14/2004 they were married and a wonderful new life began!

When two songwriters get together and blend their backgrounds of Southern Gospel and Bluegrass music, it's hard to define the resulting sounds. Though it may be hard to put an exact label on their rootsy flavor, you can always count on sweet acoustic melodies with guitar, mandolin and sometimes a taste of banjo! The lyrics focus on building up and encouraging people and the performance is upbeat to put a smile on each face and true joy in every heart!

As they travel down the road with their four boys (Skyler, Samuel, Sawyer, and Seth) one thing remains clear, and that is to give to others from the blessings and talents that God has given them, and that is "real music with a real message for real people".